This is one of the most well known UFO reports in Lithuania and also one of the most popular readings of CIA unclassified documents, that takes a place in top 25. The report intrigues by the fact, that this scene attracted the special forces of the country for a detailed field investigation.

Baltic UFO Investigation Center, case number G103/1

“Two policemen witnessed UFO in Lithuania”

Report review

UFO report description:

According to the CIA document, created in 1996 June 26.
An unidentified flying object was spotted by two policemen Jaunius Požėra ir Laimis Kraujalis, on the road Vilnius-Medininkai, near a small town Nemėžis, about 10 km away from the capital city. The time of the UFO occurring was 00:30 am, June 25. The witnesses observed the moving sphere for about a half an hour before it disappeared. The men claimed that they saw a shrinking and expanding spherical object, hanging about 20-30 meters above the ground. Also they detected a strange electric sound, which reminded some sort of crackling. According to the document, the policemen tried to approach a UFO to get a closer look, though after moving 50 meters towards the object it rose higher and departed in the direction of Vilnius.

Members of the civil defense department, the special forces and commissioners immediately arrived to the scene. They ran a thorough field investigation – measured the background radiation, recorded sound which could still be heard after the UFO sighting – there was found a flattened area of grass over which the object was spotted hanging by the witnesses.
After the investigation police commissioner Valentinas Juchnevičius publicly affirmed that both of the UFO witnesses – police officers - were psychologically sound and healthy.

Several years after the strange incident, the witnesses of the spherical object have apparently disappeared and nobody succeeded in contacting them. Only the mentioned police commissioner was found, who claimed to be unaware about such police officers' service and their appearances in this 1996 case. It is also known, that Valentinas Juchnevičius left his position three years after the described UFO sighting, because of the worsened health.

This story was published more than a decade ago, so some data was difficult to gather. However, there were still two very interesting points of observation in this story: The first is the UFO itself and a trustworthy source that were two respectable police officers officers, and a second point – the surprising high-level reaction of Lithuanian special services to it.

1. The UFO

Following our standard UFO report analysis procedure, our investigators checked the available data and found that there is a possibility of a mundane weather phenomenon being misreported as a UFO. However the report is old enough and it is very difficult to make exact presumptions. Our investigators checked and found these weather conditions of the event's place at the reported time:

June 25/1996, 00:30 local time:

Temperature: ~14-16C
Air pressure: 1003 hPa
Precipitation: 2.6mm

Moderate rain precipitation rate is between 1.0 mm/hour and 4.0 mm/hour, so we can tell for sure it was a rainy night. The conditions were more or less suitable for a ball lightning to form. The ball lightning could have behaved similarly to the reported UFO, also leaving the mentioned crackling sound after its disappearance, due to leftover electrical discharges on the grass. However the ball lighting phenomenon is poorly understood by science community itself, so it is very difficult to predict its purposed behavior. Similar behavior and properties of ball lightning have been reported in science papers. However, there is no recorded case of ball lightning to persist for 30 minutes. It must be kept in mind however, that a psychological shock of seeing an UFO could have played a part in judgement and time was misjudged.
So our conclusion is – the weather conditions indeed were suitable for ball lightning to form and the reported object behaved close enough to the description of the ball lightning. While the whole case could have been a misinterpretation of a weather phenomenon, a ball lightning, we cannot say so for sure and it could still possibly have been a UFO - we cannot say before investigating it on our own by questioning the policemen witnesses who are hard to find and checking the area there the assumed UFO was spotted.

2. Special services reaction to this event

Actually, the fact that this document was at the CIA's archive is interesting in itself. Why they chose to collect data on this particular event is mysterious in itself, especially considering the government of USA officially denies the existence of extraterrestrials. On the other hand, if we were to assume that the secret services are interested in UFO cases and believe in the phenomena, it could be that the fact that CIA released this document as declassified is telling in itself. It could mean they were taking it seriously but decided it is not an UFO and consequently declassified it quickly.

There was another thing that caught our attention. We observe a rapid and professional UFO investigation there that night, by Lithuanian special service “Aras” (an anti-terrorist squad). If a special service like this performs a UFO investigation, there has to be a special protocol, instructions written beforehand. It would prove that they are specifically ready to investigate UFO sightings and landings. For example they even had a Geiger counter they used to take measures at the site. It begs a question as to who wrote that protocol for the special service of Lithuania and why are they so prepared for UFO investigations. A preparedness level to investigate UFOs such as was displayed by the special forces was as good if not better than ours - and we specialize in this. It could only mean that the government of Lithuania (possibly by the example of their western allies) take UFO occurances seriously. These observed peculiarities could a step towards disclosing the well known Government-UFO conspiracy, carried out even in a small country like Lithuania. Definitely worth investigating.

  The UFO Baltics research team is now trying to find the police officers who witnessed this UFO. The witnesses would preferably be interviewed by us and the exact place of UFO appearance has to be found and its surroundings thoroughly investigated and documented following our thorough protocols.