A 34 years old woman, on a verge of suicide reaches out for a help at Baltic UFO Investigation Center. She is claiming to be a multiple abductee and complains about very stressful experiences. Fear of being repeatedly abducted results in sleepless nights. This leads to fatigue, irritability, disorganized behavior and lack of motivation. This exhaustion resulted in loss of her job and her family getting into financial troubles. That was the point at which she started to think about suicide.
 The UFO Baltics team quickly gathered required specialists and not only investigated the possible evidence of alien abduction, but also helped this woman bring her life back together.


   This article is dedicated to understanding the importance of a teamwork between different specialists in cases like this. Our work is mostly a scientific valuation of evidence, however one must never forget to retain empathy to the research subjects.
This case is notable example how things can rapidly evolve from chasing the evidence to guiding a helpless woman to restore her dignity, willingness to live and control of her life. Suicide prevention of this young and beautiful woman soon became the top priority of this case.
    In this article we will not disclose the location of the events, for the purpose of protecting our consulting personell and witness confidentiality.

 Case report

      A very late evening on October 9 / 2016 one of our team members received a phone call from a women in distress, stating that she would commit suicide if nobody listens to her story. Our investigator insisted to meet in person to discuss the matters so a meeting was arranged immediately.
    The woman looked like in psychosis, crying and dark circles under her eyes implicated a sleepless nights. After several minutes our investigator was able to calm her down so she could tell her story. She claimed to be a multiple abductee, first time abducted in her childrenhood and second time in her late twenties. Since then, the abductions repeats 2-3 times a year. The abductions were different - sometimes she saw alien figures in her room arround the bed, other times she was taken into the UFO and was lying on table simmilar to a surgical table in hospitals.  Experience was very unpleasant, painful. Every time she couldn't move her body and aliens were performing tests on her, without any anesthesia. She was convinced that she has an implants in her brain and pinpointed the area surrounding the right temporal lobe.
    Our investigator told her that UFO Baltics will be interested in her case and promised to contact the research coordinator as fast as he can. He calmed her down and assured that her story is indeed very interesting and demanding an extensive research. They have agreed to meet the next day, because our invesitgator realized the urgent nature of this case.
    The next day all UFO Baltics members got a mass email asking for an urgent consultation and assistance on the case. It was stated in the email that under given circumstances, this case is very important to pursue immediately, because the woman looked very depressed, mentioned suicide and really needed help. Any delay could lead to disasterous consequences.
    Team quickly responded. A consulting medical doctor was called to provide a complete medical evaluation and to examine the possibility of the brain implant. The team was worried about the suicidal element of this case, so the psychiatrist was called in, as a precaution. Research coordinator and several members of UFO Baltics also attended the investigation.

First phase of investigation: Medical evaluation and the X-Ray

     After two days of communications and consultations between UFO Baltics members the schedule was set up and the first phase of investigation started. Medical checkup revealed a normal physical condition, ECG showed tachycardia and sporadic extrasystoles, probably due to exhaustion. Blood and urine tests were ordered. Test results revealed normal blood count, basic metabolic panel and thyroid function. Serum alcohol and urine toxicology screen was negative. Our investigators ordered a head X-Ray, but found no evidence of any foreign material in the skull cavity.  Our consulting psychiatrist was on staff, so he ordered an EEG to test brain activity to rule out psychosis, migraine, epilepsy or any other possible encephalophaty. EEG revealed abnormal activity in the F8 electrode, on the same side of the head and not far away from desribed implant position.
     Our investigator raised the question that EEG could possibly detected activity of an implant and this abnormal reading could be a reasonable evidence. However, it was explained by the EEG technician that if there are no clinical symptoms and EEG abnormality is found only in a single lead – this is considered a normal variation.
     Seeing that this patient express a clinical depression, has trouble sleeping and especially because of a suicidal component, our consulting psychiatrist has offered a private consultation. With an extensive persuasion from UFO Baltics team our abductee accepted this offer and our case went to the second stage of investigation.

 Second phase of investigation: Psychiatric report

 With a consent from the patient we are presenting the following findings. Written by our consulting psychiatrist:

   The first round of medical evaluation ruled out a physical cause of psychosis, narcolepsy and according to the patient's medical history there was no evidence of epilepsy. However, 6 years back she was treated for a single episode of major depressive disorder (ICD-10: F32).
   First consultation revealed that patient had present feelings of anxiousness and depression. She was fired from a job which led her to financial troubles. She experiences difficulties organizing her daily activities. Her symptoms include trouble sleeping, sporadic irritability, decreased concentration and difficulty completing tasks. She is constantly afraid of being abducted by aliens, but no overt psychopathology was found. MMPI, WAIS, Rorschach and HTP psychology tests did not reveal any evidence of psychosis. Her mental status was normal.
    However, according to  psychiatric literature, the Alien Abduction Experience (AAE) seldom has negative impacts on mood or induce a depression. These experiences are mostly positive, people usually have a sense of importance, feeling they were chosen to communicate between extraterrestrials and humans. People claiming to be abducted by aliens share some common personality traits, as above-average intelligence, assertiveness, self-suffiency, high motivation, a tendency to be absorbed in thought, tendency to question authority and tendency toward self-defensiveness, but however no apparent psychopathology.
     In the first consultations with this patient we went over her experiences. The first abduction was when she was 13 years old. She was lying in bed, awake, when suddenly bright light lit the room. She saw 5 or 6 humanoid creatures arround her, indistinguishly speaking. She felt weightless, but couldn't move. Those creatures performed a few medical tests, such as taking a blood sample with a very big needle and the experience was very painful. The patient felt very distressed when discussing these memories.
    My questionning revealed she had troubles in school and difficulty making friends at that time. She was overweight and had acne and consequently endured bullying at school. After the first AAE it was even more difficult for her, because she couldn't tell anyone about it, fearing of being called crazy.
    I explored the idea that this could be a case of confabulation. False memories could be triggered  by childhood difficulties. I began treatment for a major depressive disorder with a antidepressive agent sertaline, daily, which helped her to relieve episodes of depression and restored some energy and motivation. However she still couldn't sleep and after two weeks situation did not improve.
   On the next consultations I noticed the fact, that in all AAE episodes she is always lying in bed in the supine position. So I eventually realised, that this AAE phenomenon can be a case of sleep paralysis. The vestibular-motor sensation of being weightless, intruder type audiovisual hallucinations where person feels a presence of threatening creatures (aliens in this particular case), sensations of being touched or pinched by the medical needle – all this description perfectly match the criteria of sleep paralysis. People suffering from frequent sleep paralysis often perceive this as anomalous experiences.
     I told her to avoid sleeping on her back and added Zolpidem at bedtime to aid sleeping issues. It was not very effective, so then I changed it to Alprazolam, because lack of sleep was our primary concern right now.
    After three weeks situation improved. When sleep patterns improved, she felt like a totally new  person, retained more energy, the fatigue was gone and the mood was significantly better. I noticed that in our consultations she stopped talking about AAE as main issue and we talked more about her family, habbits, emocional confidence and trust. She continued to have problems with concentration and finishing tasks and her realationship with her husband also suffered. I added  methylphenidate to the treatment and after few visits the patient reported that things are going back on tracks again. She sleeps well, energy and motivation levels are back to normal, concentration is improving and she is finally looking for a new job.
    We continued to talk about AAE and I noticed no more distress when discussing it. I asked her if she had seen a movie or read books in her chilhood about alien abductions. She told me that she was a big fan of then running TV show “The X-Files”. On her last consultation, finally we were able to talk about those experiences without any disturbance. She eventually realized the fact that she did not remember her first AAE after it happened – instead, she recovered this memory few days later after seeing a similar content, the abduction scene in the TV show.
    It is known that the memory of sleep paralysis sufferers is not always intact, and can be retrieved later via hypnosis or sometimes gets back spontaneously, triggered by stimmuli such as a movie with familiar content or reading a book.
   I explained to her the mechanism of sleep paralysis and helped her understand that it was the culprit of her experiences, encouraged her to spend more time with her family and pursue her life interests. I refered her to a family psychologist. In follow-up visit half year later she reported no AAE experiences and felt good overall. She got a new job, her realationships in family improved and she was very happy about it.


    Intelligence, organisation, speed and teamwork – were the most important values in this case. From the first telephone call to the attention of the professional psychiatrist - our team not only performed a valid, albeit fast scientific examination of a possible case of alien abduction – but also possibly saved the woman from a most disasterous scenario. 
   We thank our members for fast cooperation and comprehensive situation analysis and our consulting doctors for help.  We also thank our client for her consent to share our gathered data and medical review in this article, providing our readers an indispensable source of educative information. 

 UFO Baltics Research Team