An exceptional case in Estonia: A 25 year-old woman disappeared in the lake Klooga territory. Several hours later, her friends found her naked near the lake shore. She claimed she saw a bright light and was abducted by aliens. Later, her boyfriend, a firm believer in supernatural phenomena, took her to a psychiatrist for a hypnosis session. Even more shocking details were revealed.
After a very extensive research the UFO Baltics Estonia Team came up with totally unexpected conclusions.

A short case report: On June 25/2016 a small company of 5 friends went for a late picnic in the forest, near the lake Klooga, which is situated about 40 km North-West of the capital city Tallinn. When they finished setting up the tents, the company sat down and had some beer. About midnight there was some arguing between our victim and her boyfriend and she went for a walk into the forest, alone. On 1 AM and her not coming back, the company realized that she probably got lost in the woods. They tried to call her on the cell phone, but the phone was out of service. Then three guys began to search for her, but the police was not informed. After roughly 3 hours of search she was finally found near the shore – about 3 km away from the camping site. She was cold-shaking, totally naked, lightly disoriented and was repeating words “aliens took me” – over and over again. She claimed that she saw a bright light and afterwards she remembers being touched by 4 humanoid-like creatures, although she did not remember how she got to the shore, nor how she lost her clothes..

The hypnosis therapist where hypnosis session was organized was UFO Baltics colleague, consulting psychiatrist – that’s how our researchers first got their hands on this case. Hypnosis was made with her boyfriend participating in the session. More details were revealed, such as craft interior details, procedures and tests made on the victim.

 UFO Baltics Research Team proposed to investigate the matter. The results of hypnosis were quickly rejected by our investigators. It sounded like a classical abduction scene from a horror movie. Because her boyfriend was participating the hypnosis session, the questioning was deemed suggestible and therefore could have resulted in false memories.
Cooperating with the victim our investigators thoroughly examined the camping site near the lake Klooga, also the area around and the spot where victim was found. The path of victim was discovered, although the exact spot where victim was abducted could not be determined.  An out-of-context burnt tree was found near the recovery spot; however there were no other abnormalities or deviations in our electronic equipment readings surrounding the area. The victim was thoroughly questioned afterwards, following our protocols and standard questionnaire.
The case sat down for three months on our table, raising more questions than answers and therefore lacking an explanation. After three months the case with all collected data was sent to Latvian and Lithuanian research teams, for a review. And then we had a sudden break in this case – our consulting medical doctor from Riga reviewed the victim’s questionnaire and found a possible culprit. In our standard questionnaire, we do ask a question about chronic illnesses and drugs the victim is using. Our victim was previously diagnosed with a lateral temporal lobe epilepsy (LTLE), a rare type of epilepsy. The seizures of LTLE are characterized by auditory or visual features. The victim was using antiepileptic drug combination and hadn’t had seizures in a few years. Our consulting medical doctor pinpointed, that while having this condition, mixing alcohol together with these medications could provoke not only seizures, but also a psychotic episode, known as antiepileptic drug-induced psychotic disorder (AIPD), with delusional episodes and actions, such as ripping oneself clothes off. This could have been exactly this situation, a psychotic episode followed by a seizure or series of seizures.
After we presented this information to our victim as a probable scenario, she confessed that experiences like this have indeed been happened before, but she never realized that alcohol is the culprit.
 “I am on the strict regime when taking my meds and I do not have any problems with my health, sometimes I even forget that I have epilepsy at all. Also, I never drink alcohol, however in that particular evening I was very nervous while arguing with my boyfriend, forgot everything, took some beer and went for a walk. I think what happened to me later – is exactly as you’re saying” – the victim says.

The case was very difficult from the beginning, but it has been solved solely because we gathered all the necessary data following our protocols. Failure to do so could have resulted in another unexplained alien mystery and false speculations. However one mystery in this story remains unexplained – the whereabouts of our victim’s clothes is still unknown and is yet to be found.