This article summarizes one of our investigations exposing interesting and unexpected matters during a search for a site of abduction that took place in 1974. This place was found by working together with the abductee – reconstructing the circumstances of the accident according to his unfolding memory. During the expedition an extraordinary unexplained sound was witnessed, which was later reconstructed in professional assistance.

The short glance to the abductee's case: A witness claims to have been kidnapped by the extraterrestrials in 1974. According to his testimony he was lured to the forest and taken into an unknown technology spaceship where he was detained for about four human-years. The abduction resulted in a limited retrograde amnesia and the implants of unknown origin in finger and brain were discovered. Years after abduction the witness has been recalling the details of the interaction with the UFO.
The recalled details and other findings made a huge impact to this investigation and turned this case into a real truth-chasing race.

UFO Baltics discovered the case in 2006, though only in 2016 the investigation has accelerated. More explorations were made - such as finding of the abduction zone, testing reliability of abductee's testimony using psychological study, radio-scanning and magnetic quality testing of the extraterrestrial implant placed in finger also making X-ray photography of the brain implants, etc. The possible KGB activity in this story was presumed. Currently one of the implants is examined in a laboratory.
The publication of the previous researches in the abductee’s case will be continued.

The primary purpose of finding the accurate place was to fill the missing parts of the story, achieving more information and continuing to track the trace of possible extraterrestrial visitors of our planet.
After long preparations defining the location according to the abductee's memory the expedition to the abduction zone was set on June 10th, 2016. That day the researchers of UFO Baltics and the abductee reached towards the assumed forest area. As they resumed their trip on foot they found out that the forest is located in a miry swamp so it took 30 minutes for the researchers and the abductee to wander circuiting around the puddles and reaching the forest site that was resembling the abduction place. While walking through the forest swamp they heard several warning dreadful sounds like someone was shooting the gun nearby, though they did continue. After that the researchers and the abductee heard some other peculiar sounds that were even harder to describe reminding car signal, brass instrument or some kind of animal. The sound was spreading from different directions though it did not impact the determination to continue the research.
However the trip to the site soon could not be resumed by the team as the witness suddenly felt unusual weakness and decided to stay away from the forest and wait in the car.
The researchers enabled the mobile equipment to keep the online connection with the abductee and continued the search taking the best possible short cut through the woods. The further experience described by the researchers was no less than curious. Going forward to the site the researchers themselves were struggling with noticeably increasing effects of altered mental status - attention disturbances, distractions, confusions, though nothing unusual was noticed.
250 meters away from the leaving point the researchers took the coordinates of the identified abduction place also scanned for radio frequencies, checked the compass – no anomalies were detected.
While the researchers were inspecting the territory from the side in front of the 50 meters long and 50 wide clear from woods grassy section enormous deafening sound stoke the area. It appeared to be so loud that it was very clearly heard by the abductee 250 meters away. A researcher having a previous background in audio engineering could describe the sound in high detail: “the sound came suddenly, faded in from somewhere above the middle of the place. Firstly it sounded like a jet plane, but a moment later the sound separated in two distinct tones. They were sweeping between low and high pitches, somewhere in 4 or 5 second interval, following each other. Actually the sound was very similar to two war sirens, but the sweep rate was faster and pitch was higher. The sound duration was about 40 seconds. It was heard at constant volume and faded suddenly in the end“.
Even though the researchers had the proper equipment to record the sound nearly in their hands, they did not use it. As the researchers were constant and experienced members of the UFO Baltics team the fact could not be defined as a ridiculous mistake. The most probable explanation of this misguidance is mental shock condition which includes confusion and difficulty in concentration. As the sound appeared to be nearly horrifying this effect could cause such a difficulty.
After this experience, when the sound was gone, the researchers continued to investigate the territory, but nothing more was found and the origin of sound was also not identified.
Later our investigator consulted an audio laboratory seeking to reproduce the sound. After some experimentation, participating both investigator and abductee, it was defined, that low pitches was around 300-350 Hz and high pitches topping at 700 Hz. The sweep interval was about 4-5 seconds. Using special audio tools, technicians were able to reproduce the sound heard in the abduction zone, the audio example was also confirmed by the witnesses to be nearly similar to what has been heard on the investigation field.
The audio sample was studied and compared with many possible devices including vehicles, aircrafts or precautionary/war sirens of terrestrial origin but still no matches were detected. Even after several consultations with an aeronautics engineer – the origin of the sound remains unexplained.
Despite the described anomalies, the question – is the discovered site the accurate place of the witness abduction – remains unexplaned. Sometimes the gained experience is so disturbing, convincing and shouting – when you find the evidence, that makes you believe you are one step closer to the truth. However it appears to be only a glimpse towards to it while the itself answer remains misty and obscured.
This case is still open and being studied by UFO Baltics team attentively.