A 34 years old woman, on a verge of suicide reaches out for a help at Baltic UFO Investigation Center. She is claiming to be a multiple abductee and complains about very stressful experiences. Fear of being repeatedly abducted results in sleepless nights. This leads to fatigue, irritability, disorganized behavior and lack of motivation. This exhaustion resulted in loss of her job and her family getting into financial troubles. That was the point at which she started to think about suicide.
 The UFO Baltics team quickly gathered required specialists and not only investigated the possible evidence of alien abduction, but also helped this woman bring her life back together.

An exceptional case in Estonia: A 25 year-old woman disappeared in the lake Klooga territory. Several hours later, her friends found her naked near the lake shore. She claimed she saw a bright light and was abducted by aliens. Later, her boyfriend, a firm believer in supernatural phenomena, took her to a psychiatrist for a hypnosis session. Even more shocking details were revealed.
After a very extensive research the UFO Baltics Estonia Team came up with totally unexpected conclusions.

This article summarizes one of our investigations exposing interesting and unexpected matters during a search for a site of abduction that took place in 1974. This place was found by working together with the abductee – reconstructing the circumstances of the accident according to his unfolding memory. During the expedition an extraordinary unexplained sound was witnessed, which was later reconstructed in professional assistance.

The short glance to the abductee's case: A witness claims to have been kidnapped by the extraterrestrials in 1974. According to his testimony he was lured to the forest and taken into an unknown technology spaceship where he was detained for about four human-years. The abduction resulted in a limited retrograde amnesia and the implants of unknown origin in finger and brain were discovered. Years after abduction the witness has been recalling the details of the interaction with the UFO.
The recalled details and other findings made a huge impact to this investigation and turned this case into a real truth-chasing race.

A very strange incident happened near Latvia-Estonia border on Sunday, October 25/2009, which attracted media attention all around the globe. A UFO was spotted by a local witness, hitting the ground with a loud crash, forming a crater with burning flames.

This is one of the most well known UFO reports in Lithuania and also one of the most popular readings of CIA unclassified documents, that takes a place in top 25. The report intrigues by the fact, that this scene attracted the special forces of the country for a detailed field investigation.