Our concept is a systematic approach to the UFO phenomena. This line of work is interdisciplinary. It requires knowledge of astronomy, meteorology, physics, aeronautics, photography, psychology and many other scientific disciplines in order to verify evidence objectively. Consulting experts in these fields we are transfering over 10 years of our experience into a scientific method on how to investigate the UFO phenomena, interview and work with UFO witnesses and abductees. All our work is now based on this method.
   The objective of this documentation is to establish a high scientific standard for our research.
Our methodology consists of written recommendations and protocols, which include:

  • Operations Guidelines, published on Mar 9/2016
  • UFO analysis manual, published on Mar 6/2013
  • Witness interview protocol, published on June 14/2016
  • Field investigation manual, published by MUFON
  • UFO encounter recommendations, published on Jan 9/2017
  • Expedition safety protocol, published on Jan 9/2017
  • Archive maintenance and security guidelines, published Oct 24/2015
  • Abductees interviewing recommendations, (3-7 kinds of close encounters) published on Jul 16/ 2016
  • UFO witness psychological portrait description method, published on Jun 15/2016


Translation to English is still in progress.



  UFO analysis manual is one of our fundamental documents created by consulting people in corresponding scientific fields.   This document analyzes many examples of things that can be misinterpreted as UFOs, although in fact they can be scientifically explained. Here are a few examples:
- Aeronautics: planes, helicopters, light aircraft – we examine the physics and dynamics of such aircraft and how they behave in the sky, to get a better understanding on how to analyze the most abundant lights in the night sky. Also there is a recommendation to check public flight maps when analyzing a report.
- Astronomy: We examine how satellites behave in the sky, how iridium flares, meteors and fireballs look like, for these are the second most often reported “UFOs”.
- Meteorology: how to differentiate between UFO's and ball lightnings, St. Elmo flames, halos, light pillars and etc. 
- Photography: a lot of UFOs in pictures can be explained by understanding the principles of photography.  We examine unsought effects of cameras, flashes, digital and analog photography artifacts and how they manifest.
- Psychology: How to recognize fraud. What is emotions and "fight or flight" response while experiencing unexplained phenomena. How elapsed time confabulates the memories of witnesses and how to help them remember more details during interview. And much more.

  UFO analysis manual also presents a table-based method on how to properly analyze a UFO report. The method includes filing in the primary information (details from witness report), gathering secondary information, like weather, astronomical, landscape conditions. The completed table is then used to compare data and determine if there is a necessity of a field investigation.

   Many reports are solved during this process. Thanks to this method it is much easier to compare data and nearly impossible to miss out any nuance. Only unsolved UFO cases are then sent to the UFO Baltics Archive, thus preventing the archive contamination of misinterpreted UFO reports.

    False testimonies, whether intentional or not, are to be expected. Witness interview protocol was created by consulting psychologists. In this document we have a set of recommendations on how to approach the witnesses, how to help them remember more details. Every time we interview a witness, we also create and file their psychological portrait for further investigation. Without these methods it would be very difficult to distinguish between the truth and falsehood. Witnesses, however, is the primary source of information. Witness interview protocol also contains guidelines on how the questioning should be performed and a complete questionnaire so that our team wouldn't miss anything important.

    Our field work guidelines are largely based on the MUFON's Field investigation manual. Field work can be unpredictable and dynamic, however, we have strict requirements that must be adhered to. For example, marking GPS coordinates, measuring weather conditions, radio frequency, magnetometer and Geiger scans, capturing photos and taking samples in the site - this must be done in every field we investigate.
   In this document we also have a chapter on safety and ethics. Field work, often conducted in remote places, can be dangerous, not only because of the long-shot possibility of contacting extraterrestrials, but more because of hostile people as well. Also we must be aware to not break the local law.

   Combining our experience and latest achievements of psychiatry we are now working on a new methodology approaching the sensitive abductee subject. We are investigating a few stories right now which had already led us to some very interesting findings. We have a consulting psychiatrist in our team.

   Archive maintenance and security guidelines – is very important document for us. We believe in the idea to maintain a trustworthy data archive. By calculating statistics of the sightings we might find a pattern in UFO appearances. For the best results we are developing a dedicated electronic archive with extended meta-analysis features.

Most of our work is written in our native languages. The translation process is very expensive, so most of the work is now done by our volunteers in their spare time, which is lengthy. It will take some time to publish all our documents in English as our writing staff is now concentrating efforts mostly on writing and translating the main articles for the website.