For decades uninvestigated reports have been piling up in the three Baltic states. A consolidation of concerned groups led to establishment of the UFO Baltics. The merger have helped to streamline our methodology towards a more scientific approach, leaving no place for dilettante anecdotal interpretations so abundant in many UFO related undergoings. We are developing a scientific method to study UFOs. Every field investigation and verified report analysis must comply to this method.


What is UFO Baltics?

   The geographical Baltic region is a black spot in ufology history. Over all three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) there have been many UFO reports, activity zones, witness and abductee stories. Compared to only six million people living in these three countries, naturally there weren’t that many investigations. However in recent years, probably due to examples seen in other countries, a few groups of enthusiasts have appeared. 
   At first most of us were only discussing all kinds of reports in various websites and trying to take in and understand the various UFO reports in the region – some even from Soviet era - and to understand what was going on. We arrived to a point where many things should be investigated in a greater detail. Groups from separate Baltic countries have already started working on some interesting leads. Some of them have already interviewed a few sighting witnesses and abductees, also investigated alleged UFO landing zones. These leads have only left us with more things to investigate and we decided that we can achieve more if we work together by unifying the  groups from the three countries into one UFO Baltics network. 
   The Baltic countries are in close proximity to each other and since some of the leads require more people with different areas of expertise we’ve decided to share our human resources. To be able to cooperate better we had to establish a unifying methodology towards our work. This means that we are a group that doesn’t go on wild goose hunt and chase Iridium flares, weather phenomena or birds as UFOs and critically scrutinizes and verifies various abductee and witness stories. We start on a blank state and don’t make-believe in any theories such as reptiles, shapeshifters or alien faces on Mars.

   Conversely, we are revolutionizing the concept of UFO study by developing a scientific method. Every field investigation we conduct must comply to strict written guidelines setting a high standard for our research.


Our current leads

    Not all investigations lead to success. Sometimes reported anomalies turn out to be of mundane nature. We understand that in our line of work we cannot expect to find an alien under every rock we turn and every lead we follow. Thus some of our field investigations inevitably turned to be bogus. For example once our Lithuanian group followed a lead on large circles of sand (in otherwise a plain forest) only to end up in the middle of an actual WW2-era minefield. As well, a group of Estonian researchers got misguided into looking for UFOs in an area where casual airplanes are being tested. Another time a research group from Riga followed into a forest with weird sounds in the air that turned out to be wind blowing through large metal pipes on a nearby train transit station. 

   However some of the leads turned out to be interesting. For example, conducting a field investigation in a conceivably anomalous zone, a group of our researchers saw an object, which was firstly perceived as the sun, because of it's size and light. A few moments later referring to a compass it was found out the impression was wrong, as the object had an absolutely wrong direction. The whole situation was witnessed by many and it remains unexplained.


   Here are a few of our current leads to explore:
We have received information about a possible KGB operative being related to several abductees back in Soviet times. We have researched the alleged KGB operative's profile and were able to confirm his identity and connections to Soviet special service. Following abductees directions we have uncovered possible links that suggest a rather imposing idea that Soviet military may have played a role in alien abductions. Whether Soviet military was working alone and abductees were only led to believe they were taken by aliens or they were actually working hand in hand with the extraterrestrials remains a question that we are attempting to find out. However these events happened about 40 years ago, so it is difficult to research and we may need some deep digging to find out more. 

   During our investigations we have noticed certain patterns in UFO sightings. The big cities are always the primary contributors to the UFO reports, though some remote areas, despite their low population have unusually high rates of UFO sightings. We have developed a questionnaire that we would like to present to the locals of those areas. The questionnaire is written keeping in mind that the witnesses can lie or be simply deceived by natural or anthropological phenomena such as a nearby airplane testing facility. These surveys will hopefully give us insights about possible UFO visits and their causality. This is a massive field investigation that requires researchers  to cover large areas and interview the locals.

    Our primary goal is to gather the evidence on UFOs in the Baltic region, investigate it methodically and scientifically without any preconceptions. We already have an ample of data but most of it is not organized properly, written in different languages that need to be translated. Also most of the cases require extended investigation. 

 Our goals: 

* Interviewing witnesses and abductees, analyzing their cases under our Witness interview protocol and UFO witness psychological portrait description method
* Gathering official documents of UFO sightings from the governments of the Baltic states and interviewing related people, for example military personnel and air traffic operators. 
* Gathering even more data. Attract people to report new cases. Expand data on our current cases.
* Developing a special archive with capability of  data meta-analysis. 
* Developing a UFO sightings map in the Baltic states. Looking for possible patterns. 
* Counseling and psychological support for UFO witness and abductee community. 
* Organizing an expedition to the famous Baltic Sea anomaly and making a documentary about it. 

   Our objective is to share our findings with the world. Most investigations are organized in USA and other bigger countries where enthusiastic activists also investigate Mexico and Central and South America while smaller regions around the globe are neglected. We have decided to use English as our primary language so people around the world may benefit from our work, who may otherwise find it impossible to investigate the Baltics due to language barrier and sheer distance to the Baltic region.

What we need to accomplish our goals:

* We are raising funds for our field investigations. So far we are depending upon the limited budget of our volunteers to make field investigations happen. It may seem that the Baltic countries are small in size but our investigation locations are scattered all over the place and and thousands of miles has to be driven to check up on them all. 
* Purchasing additional equipment required for scientific-level research: night-vision video camcorder, Geiger counter, magnetometer, wide range radio scanner, laser rangefinder, spectroscope, scintillation spectrometer, long range drone equipped with night-vision camera. The rent of such apparatuses is not cheap so it would be more viable long-term to own them.
* Laboratory evaluation of evidence (for example implants), medical imaging (X-ray, MRI, CT) for abductee cases with alleged implants or finding hard evidence of tampering with human body by yet unexplained means.

 Our attitude and methodology

   Our concept is a systematic approach to the UFO phenomena. This line of work is interdisciplinary. It requires knowledge of astronomy, meteorology, physics, aeronautics, photography, psychology and a lot more in order to verify evidence objectively. Consulting experts we are developing a scientific method on how to investigate the UFO phenomena, how to interview and work with UFO witnesses and abductees. All our work is now based on this method.
   Read more about our methods.

   Historically the subject of UFO investigations is sadly shunned by the scientific community. It is a topic that is seldom seriously taken. We strive towards changing this dynamic through a new approach: a scientifically consistent and trustworthy analysis method of UFOs and all related phenomena. The subject deserves a seriousness of this grade as it has already received such from governments around the world and their respective special agencies as proven by many leaked and declassified documents and government official testimonies.

   Your contribution can allow this to happen! With your support we are determined to objectively study the the matter and get to the bottom of it. Donation page


A word about privacy

   Because ufology is full of controversy and we work with sensitive and sometimes even dangerous info, we have implemented security and privacy measures to protect the identities of our members and contributors. Excessive measures are taken to protect their anonymity. That is because in some cases our contributors would rather not to risk their academic careers or reputation, our witnesses and abductees being the most vulnerable part of the equation. Another reason is to protect our members from being influenced by any possible outside manipulation.
We always confirm our sources, but we never share any names on our papers or research articles.