Welcome to the Baltic UFO Investigation Center

UFO Baltics is an international group of scientists, investigators and volunteers dedicated to an extensive research and analysis of the UFO phenomenon. Our purpose is to promote a scientific interest in UFOs and their study in the Baltic states. We organize various research activities including field expeditions, interviewing witnesses and archiving verified and reliable data of unexplained phenomena.
UFO Baltics is different from other ufology related websites, because we are not simply republishing any data we find for click baiting. The members of our organization diligently investigate the clues we find. We conduct field expeditions and submit thorough scientifically reviewed reports that are analyzed in groups and posted on the website.
We believe in a scientific approach on analyzing UFO phenomena. Our members have prepared manuals and guidelines for UFO investigation processes so that a scientific method is maintained.
Since UFO Baltics is an organization created by members from different Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), we have documents in several languages which we are currently translating. We already have a few of our methodological documents and articles translated and they are available on the website.
In an effort to continue our investigations, gather required equipment and translate all our work to English - we are raising funds.  We are offering interested parties an opportunity to become a part of our objective. We are certain we have an unprecedented level of scientific and methodological seriousness in our undergoing as reflected by our protocols of work. We believe that upon this foundation we can advance our active research into productive results and additional funding could have an unprecedented cost efficient returns.
UFO Baltics is a non-profit organization, operated by volunteers and all our research activity depends on donated money from the people who really believe that the "truth is out there".